Training Modules

Studio Talk Corporate Training Program is designed for those whose ability to communicate well is crucial to their success. By using unorthodox training methods and the camera as the medium of instruction we provide you the distinct edge to become effective speakers and ultimately, leaders.

The Studio Talk Approach
Studio Talk’s Corporate Training Program is completely hands-on with no theory/lectures. From one-on-one sessions to small group settings we make our sessions unique, tailored specifically to match your background and needs.

Watch yourself and learn
We record each session with you and play it right back for you to see the measurable effects of the coaching

Camera restricts you from being ‘overdramatic’
Speakers often try and become “actors” going over the top and fail to connect with their audience. It looks false, feels false and sounds false

No rigid structures
We train at your pace, instead of working within a rigid structure. This means that you get the maximum out of the time you spend with us

Your time on camera
Recordings of all your exercises will be given to you – illustrating your growth throughout the training


    At the heart of every success story is effective communication – a distinct quality that can decide the trajectory of success for an individual and a corporation. In today’s competitive times your ability to successfully communicate with the media can prove to be the ultimate game changer. We offer specialised workshops in helping you speak effectively in public. All exercises are on camera; coupled with effective tips from experts will help you forget those presentation fears.

    Television adds the right touch
    In today’s world where there is an explosion of visual/digital media it is imperative to ride this wave and spread the word about you, your brand/product and your company. But the visual medium is like a double edged sword. Understand it, before using it.

    Your audiences are ‘trained’
    As audiences we are extremely discerning when it comes to spotting an ‘uncomfortable’ speaker. We know when the style of delivery doesn’t match the message.

    What you say matters to your Company & consumers
    You represent your brand/company. Your appearances on business channels/interviews are seen as a reflection of who you represent. It becomes important then – not just what you say, but how you say it.


    Make a presentation, speaking to a client, representing your company at a forum – all these are occasions where you will need to make a lasting impression. These are occasions that need to be converted into opportunities. We help you achieve that. From your attire to your demeanour, we cover every aspect of your body language, eye contact and over all presentation.


    Our Leadership Communication Program provides training to senior management and exposes them to a spectrum of on-camera communication with the media. Our tailor-made communication program puts participants through real time situations, mock interviews, ambush reporting and crisis management. We teach you what to say and more importantly what not to say when the cameras start rolling.

    A key differentiator of this program is the camera and senior television journalists who will guide you through the program. Together, these tools will provide an assessment of one’s effectiveness as a communicator. Professional facilitators will help interpret and integrate the assessments and provide a personalized reflective experience in one-on-one sessions. The facilitators will also assist participants in designing an action plan to become a more effective leader.

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