Rohan Kawley

Studio Talk gives you a balanced, well dished out recipe of anchoring in a most educative way.
Rohan Kawley – Engineering Student

Gaurav Kumar

Studio Talk is the ‘magic pill’ you need to enter the world of anchoring.
Gaurav Kumar – Entrepreneur

Tanuja Sharma

I liked the structure of the programme and learning from experienced TV anchors.
Tanuja Sharma

Pooja Basu

An excellent avenue to join the world of television.
Pooja Basu – Former Bank Manager

Taksha Gaba

I came in shabby and unprepared; I walk out clean and polished.
Taksha Gaba – Actor

Binaisha Surti

It was a VERY nice course. A great learning opportunity, from the best in the industry.
Binaisha Surti – Writer

Kaytan Kelkar

I have learned the skills and temperament required to be a news anchor for different genres.
Kaytan kelkar – Geologist

Padmasai Varanasi

Studio Talk helped me bring out the best in me.
Padmasai Varanasi – Student

Chirag Bajaj

Was looking for something out of the box to get me more comfortable with the camera, but it gave me a LOT more.
Chirag Bajaj – Model & Actor

Radhika Kulkarni

Thanks for leaving your mark, on our lives and giving us a new direction.
Radhika Kulkarni – Lawyer

Avni Tanna

STUDIO TALK offers great exposure to what actually goes behind running a TV show.
Avni Tanna – Corporate Executive

Aishwarya Singh

Professional and friendly – you’ll be taught well.
Aishwarya Singh – Student

Rahul Jagtiani

Hands on approach and instant feedback went a long way in polishing my skills.
Rahul Jagtiani – Entrepreneur

Manoj Gursahani

Celebrity guest faculty added to the lustre of the program.
Manoj Gursahani

Parinita Rohrra

I’m grateful to Studio Talk for transforming me.
Parinita Rohrra – Teacher

Sneha Sawant

Studio Talk is the one stop solution for anyone who desires to be a TV anchor.
Sneha Sawant – Media planner

Mitsu Fonseca

The workshop is a great confidence booster. It was a wonderful experience that will stay with me throughout.
Mitsu Fonseca – Anchor & Producer

Ravi Wazir

The ‘before & after’ videos of each student stand testimony to the measurable progress within each participant.
Ravi Wazir – Hospitality Entrepreneur

Aparna Iyer

This course transformed me as a person by instilling an incredible sense of self belief and comfort with the camera.
Aparna Iyer – Media Professional

Shweta Sehgal

It is a fabulous opportunity to get you beyond where you want to go.
Shweta Sehgal – Entrepreneur

Anuj Dhanda

Not only does Studio Talk help an individual become an anchor, but is a huge confidence booster.
Anuj Dhanda – Entrepreneur

Sonup Sahadevan

Nowhere else would you get the chance to be taught, mentored and sometimes even spoon-fed by the best in the business.
Sonup Sahadevan – Journalist

Geogin Jacob

The curriculum has a variety of exercises which will eventually make you like the camera sooner or later.
Geogin Jacob – Anchor & Reporter